How It Began: Summer 2009

Sheree and Kristy met in the summer of 2009 after Sheree posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a vegan entrepreneur. The two hit it off and soon started planning the opening of their food cart. The cart made its debut in January of 2010 on the corner of 13th & Oak. A few months in, and after much demand from regulars, the partners began their search for full restaurant space. The food cart closed on New Year’s Eve 2010, and Cornbread Cafe opened its restaurant doors on the corner of 7th & Polk six months later.

Grandma Jean

My Grandma Jean has always been an inspiration to me. For much of my childhood, I spent every weekend with my grandparents, helping ‘Gram’ in the garden and in the kitchen. My most cherished memories include the smell of fresh baked bread, cooking with Gram, cupboards stocked with reused jars of  healthful ingredients,  vintage table cloths and board games.  My grandparents became vegetarian over 60 years ago. Their influence paved the way to Cornbread Cafe.


Diners Drive ins and Dives

Furry, feathered and scaly friends are also welcome on our patio